IMG_1593Hannah Papp has truly lived by the premise that life is research for your novel. Seeking her own moveable feast, she embraced enterprise and experience from an early age.  As a teen, she tried her hand at proofing pastries in a bakery, pumping gas, waiting tables and even drove a backhoe on a construction site.  Never far from prose, in her twenties she worked for her university’s English Department and as Advertising Manager for an English language publication in Europe.

Hannah’s first published work was a satirical cartoon penned as a teen and printed in the local paper. Winner of the prestigious Carlton Arts Review Poetry contest, her poem entitled ‘Billy Dean and Me’ followed in their 1998 A New Instinct edition. While living abroad for several years during her mid-twenties, Hannah traveled extensively and documented her experiences in an endless stream of journals, on paper napkins and filling hard drives. These notes became the foundation stones for The Mystical Backpacker, debuting in spring of 2015 and published by Beyond Words, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

With a Master’s in History earned at an American accredited university in Hungary and an undergraduate degree in English Literature and History, her next step was truly unpredictable. Hannah began a video production company in Washington D.C. Currently celebrating more than a decade of accolades, industry awards and recognition as a top production company in the nation’s capital, Hannah’s efforts landed her on Crave’s The Top 100 Women You Need to Know in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area list in 2010.

Hannah Papp currently heads up the Northern Virginia Mind, Body & Spirit Group and is a certified Soul Coach and Past Life Regression Coach offering services to soul-seekers through her company My Soul’s Purpose LLC. She is also the author of the successful and growing blog My Secret Psychic Life, where she confides her personal successes, failures and weirdly wonderful woo-woo experiences in informative and often humorous self-deprecating prose.

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