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TMB Book CoverThe Mystical Backpacker: 
How to Discover Your Destiny in the Modern World
Simon & Schuster 2015

The Mystical Backpacker is a guidebook, a travel story, a self-help book and a motivational tool. It is also a philosophy: a way to approach finding one’s life purpose.

But what is a mystical backpacker?

It is one who goes on a spiritual quest to find his or her destiny. It is a person who ventures out into the world on a solitary journey, with little else than the items in their backpack, to discover the world, to see what they have always wanted to see, to meet the people they are meant to meet, their teachers and those who will open doors and show them the way to find the path to their destiny. While the process relies on a journey outward into the world, it is truly about the journey inward, to find the essence of self and spirit buried deep inside each of us; the journey to know ourselves better.

Buy on Amazon, here. Buy at Barnes & Noble, here.  Also available on Kindle, at iTunes and at independent booksellers across the country.


Girls Telling SecretMy Secret Psychic Life

Umm.  Does this mean I have to step out of the closet, or can I just open the door and let y’all look in?  Okay, I admit it.  I believe in ghosts.  And I love spooky stories, things that make you go hmmm, and excavating the bigger meaning to this incredible life and the way in which we each realize it, personally, spiritually and communally.

My Secret Psychic Life is a blog about successes, failures and the woo-woo.  Started in 2011, it now has a few thousand readers and fewer posts than ever before (it’s hard to write a book and blog, dontcha know?). But if you’d like to take a wild ride, feel free to visit.  You’ll find sensible conclusions, such as The 4 Steps to Manifesting Abundance in Your Life the zany, like in My Sexy Massage: Sensing & Clearing Energy When You’re in a Pickle and also the super spooky, like Coronado Creeps: The Night I Met Lottie Bernard’s Ghost (includes photo and video).  With nearly 100 posts and many extras (videos, audio tracks, links), I hope you’ll have fun spending some time in the closet with me.

please be patient; this blog is becoming a book! 

as such, it is no longer available for online viewing.  stay tuned for its upcoming release date.



Kids Guided Meditation

Okay, so it’s not something you read, but it is something I have created, from scratch.  Kids Guided Meditation is a 20+ minute guided meditation for children and adults alike.  Children will love the adventures and messages (and if they have trouble relaxing or sleeping, this might help them) and adults will connect with their inner child and feel a little lighter and brighter.  I’m not exactly sure why, but it’s been selling like hotcakes in Australia.  As we tell the kids at mealtimes, “Try it.  You might like it.”