Work With Hannah

Hannah is a certified soul coach, past life regressionist, seminar leader and organizer.  She is the founding member of the NoVA Mind, Body & Spirit meetup group and offers classes and guided meditations through the Inspired! Intuition series of events.  Here are some of the ways in which you can work with Hannah:

Guest Speaker

Hannah’s uplifting and inspiring talks put you in touch with your highest self while connecting you with your sense of bravery, adventure and ability to marvel.  Always compassionate, each talk is a journey through the senses – first through sixth!  If you wish to invite Hannah to speak to your group or audience, please contact bookings@hannahpapp.com

Workshop or Seminar

Two hour seminars to weekend-long workshops, classes with Hannah combine the practical with the mystical and connect you with your most authentic self.  Integrating guided meditations with the themes of journey (inner & outer), spirituality and living one’s destiny, participation is both uplifting and affirming.  If you wish to explore available topics or have Hannah create a custom seminar or workshop for your event, please contact bookings@hannahpapp.com

One-on-One Soul Coaching® Sessions

Soul Coaching® is a process by which your goals are brought into alignment with your authentic self.  Individual sessions include activities and exercises sourced from Denise Linn’s 28 day program and customized exercises, activities and conversations aiding you in navigating the inner landscapes of your emotions, dreams and desires. Working with Hannah, you will create a new plan for your life that is sourced from your practical, real world goals and the very precious driving forces of your very soul.  For some, this process takes a few weeks, for others, several months.  This is a path requiring dedication and results in the clearing of internal and external clutter.  The process creates fertile ground within which the seeds of your future can successfully grow.

Testimonials (What They Say…)

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 6.18.28 PMSoul Coaching:

“Hannah is an artist in showing the preciousness of the beauty she sees in life. If she happens to work with you, it will be because she is aware of the beauty in you. I think she is determined to help you shine.”Pieta J.

“I met Hannah through the NoVA Mind, Body & Spirit MeetUp Group. My experience of her is that she is an honest, outspoken and talented spiritual guide and teacher. A person who is dedicated to facilitating the flow of information between souls and to truly bring out the best in every person she is involved with. I have attended many of her workshops, we have facilitated public events together, and I am doing individual soul coaching with her. I am grateful for the loving contributions she has added to my life!” – Bruce Wenger | Quantum Dimensional Sound Healer

Classes & Workshops:

“Excellent class. Hannah is very gifted and a very gracious soul. I will eagerly sign up for the next session!!” – L. Myers

“I am very grateful to you, our group and all that I have met through your workshops. The other day, I found a souvenir from your first workshop. I know I have grown leaps and bounds because of the interactions on a social, spiritual and energy level. I continue to go to new levels with my meditations and healing. I am excited about what the future will bring for me, those in my life now and those that will be joining me soon.” – Susanna

“Thank you again for continuing to provide amazing opportunities for learning and growth while creating fun and magic around the lesson! Not only is your knowledge of spiritual matters wide, but you always create a masterfully orchestrated lesson for the joy of everyone attending. Thank you!!
Love and light to you.” K. Miles


“Really enjoy all your posts. I am getting a lot of insight on that there is no “one way” and we all have gifts that we need to develop, and everything and everyone are our teachers, nice and mean one’s all. Thanks for being one of my teachers.” – Patti

“I really love reading something that resonates the heck out of me! Your blog always hits home with me in a true life, down-to-earth style that I love. Thank you!” – Sue Dixon

“I have been reading your blog for a couple of months now and I have to say, it’s a great read and very inspiring. I wanted to comment on this last one because it hit home for me…Have you written a book on this or just compiling your journals together? It would make a great book if you have not done so yet…I want to send love and light to you.” – Alicia

Healing Session: Distance Reiki

“Feeling a depression I had not experienced before, I contacted Hannah for a distance Reiki session to give me some hope or relief from this continuous downward spiral. As I read through her email afterwards, I was amazed to read the words I had not spoken to anyone. My attention grabbed, tears of affirmation released and it felt so consoling to know that someone else knew how I felt. The affirming messages of healing gave me hope and a direction to follow into a better place, a place of hope and love. I am so grateful for this lifeline. I have invested in intuitive readings for most of my life.  This experience somehow connected with my soul. I feel my heart had a chat with something much greater than our physical presence.”H.S.